Money Deep-Dive Session

Smart Money Mamas

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Money Deep-Dive Session

Looking for answers to specific questions or just want to be pointed in the right direction on your budget, retirement savings, or goals? A Money Deep-Dive Session is the perfect option for you!

You'll receive:

  • Financial health & goals analysis
  • One 90-minute phone or video coaching session
  • Recap and action steps summary after the session

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Work directly with Smart Money Mamas founder, Chelsea Brennan. Chelsea has extensive experience with family finance, investing (having spent several years as a hedge fund investment manager), and is a Certified Financial Education Instructor through NFEC. She loves working with families to help them navigate complicated decisions, understand their options, and reduce financial stress.

Note: Chelsea is not a certified financial advisor. If you're looking for investment advice, she can't recommend you buy a specific stock or fund over another or tell you when to buy or sell. She can guide you on asset allocation, risk analysis, understanding your options, and pros and cons to different funds available to you.


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