Family Emergency Binder - Fillable & Printable PDF

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Family Emergency Binder - Fillable & Printable PDF
Family Emergency Binder - Fillable & Printable PDF
Family Emergency Binder - Fillable & Printable PDF

If an emergency separated you from your family or you passed away unexpectedly, would they have what they needed to keep the business of your life in motion?

The Family Emergency Binder puts the information they need at their fingertips.

Also known as a legacy binder or "in case of death" binder, the In Case of Emergency Binder will guide your family through all those things we hope never happen with:

  • Over 100 pages of simple, printable worksheets to organize everything your family may need to know (type right in the PDF!)
  • 16 easy-to-navigate subsections - no shuffling through drawers and file cabinets.
  • The perfect mix of cold-hard-fact and emotional legacy. Including your son's favorite lullaby.


"I LOVE the In Case of Emergency Binder! I’ve thought about passwords and such before, however; I’ve never thought of making sure someone else knows how to take care of all of the really big things. In time of an emergency - it will be so helpful to have this information available. And the letters??? I need to do it - and I’m so happy to have a guide." - Jeannine

"I have a problem with inertia. When I need to get things done, I start with the easiest tasks to accomplish. It’s easier to get a small ball rolling than a big boulder. Having a well-organized print out for our Legacy Binder makes it much easier to tackle this task, and you can easily do it a few pages at a time. The $39 cost is a great value!" - Physician on FIRE

"I love this binder. The layout is organized, necessary info is easily accessible. I have seen people try to get through that absolute worst time without a clue as to where to find the information they need. I believe this is easily worth $75-$100 and is a steal at $39! This is so valuable and everybody needs it." - Cara

Note: This is a PDF product. You can type into the document or print and fill-in. No physical product will be mailed.

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