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Money Planner Stickers - Printable

Smart Money Mamas

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Money Planner Stickers - Printable
Money Planner Stickers - Printable
Money Planner Stickers - Printable

Need some regular reminders to check in on your budget or stick to your money goals? We've got your back. 

These printable money stickers are perfect for your planner or as allowance awards and trackers for your kids. Simply print on Avery sticker paper and you're ready to go!

NOTE: This is a digital product. Nothing will be shipped. You can download the PDF file immediately after purchase.


These stickers can be printed on full size sticker paper and cut out (with scissors, punch, or cutting machine such as the Cricut.) However, they are designed to print on Avery sticker templates if you prefer to print and have them ready to go.

These stickers use Avery Print-to-Edge 3/4" Round Labels (4221).

When you go to print, follow these two rules for best results

  1. Triple check your printer isn't adjusting the page size. These templates are already full 8.5"x11" (letter paper), so your computer may want to "Shrink oversized pages" when you go to print in Adobe. Do not do this. Instead, select "actual size" under paper sizing and handling.
  2. Make sure you're feeding your sticker paper in properly. Not all sticker paper is symmetrical top to bottom, so make sure the right end is going into the printer.

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