S$M Financial Health Checkup

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S$M Financial Health Checkup

Do you know where you stand with your money?

In order to stay safe financially, we all need to spend time developing the necessary skills, knowledge, and assets. We need to know where we stand and what our next money goals should be. Too often, money is pushed to the back of our minds until we face a crisis. No longer.

The Financial Health Checkup will show you which metrics you need to hit to have Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced financial skills. Put a recurring notification on your phone to revisit the checklist every 6 months or every year. This way, you can make sure you are building your financial skill set and education regularly.

What's Inside:

  • 3 simple checklists of must-haves for achieving different levels of financial health.
  • Top resources based on your results to help you move closer to your money goals.
  • Quick, straightforward explanations of why each level of financial health is important.

Note: This is a digital PDF, no physical product will be mailed.

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